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**This is part two of old posts from Daiquiris & Denial that I wrote waaaay back in 2011, dealing with body image and self esteem. If you missed part one and want to give it a look, you can find it here.**

See these here? These are mannequins, the "perfect" dimensions. Those mannequins are made of plastic, or wood. You are skin, bones, fat and muscle. You are living. That mannequin can't. Stop beating yourself up for having an unrealistic picture of the perfect body. For you, the perfect body is the one you've got. You're perfect, just as you are.

Now, look in a magazine. See all of those pictures of models and celebrities. Most of these women are thin, yes. But they're also heavily edited. A Photoshopped picture of a woman or man can be used to convince people what a person should look like. It’s clearly fake, but it’s the reality people want to see. From all sides of the media, we are being told than thin is good. Long, thick shiny hair, tanned skin and a pert little body. However, when we compare "models" to "normal" women, we find that no matter how hard we try, no matter how hard we diet, it's futile. Our organs are the same, but that's where the similarities end. A tall, thin blonde woman will never look like a short, curvaceous brunette woman. Or whatever your body shape. You just have to accept your body for what it is.

 Last night, after writing part one, I got surfing the interwebs looking for inspiration. The world is full of advice on how to lose weight, or how dress to suit your shape, or wearing colours that suit you to reel in that man, or whatever. My advice to you, screw it. By all means diet if that's what will make you happy, and wear what makes you feel comfortable. But there's nothing wrong with eating what you like, in moderation, and wearing whatever the hell you want to wear. Whole tub of icecream wearing the fanciest dress you own? Why the hell not! Spending all day in your PJs? Knock yourself out. Do what makes you feel amazing, and you'll reap the benefits.

I also found a website last night, called Operation Beautiful. If you haven't, I'd really encourage you to check it out. It involves leaving post-its with positive messages in places to be found by strangers to brighten their day. I was kinda miffed as I had thought I had come up with an original idea until I found the site. I thought it was worth a try though, so I stayed up most of the night writing messages and links to the site on post-its to stealthily leave places for people to find.


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  1. Your last two posts were perfect. I recently posted on body image and I love "meeting" people who are on the same page. I'm sorry I don't comment much (I've been super busy...) but I have been reading your posts. I seriously love reading your thoughts.