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Today at work, I served an old teacher of mine.  She taught me when I was five, and again when I was nine, and I hadn't spoken to her in over twelve years (Ok, I feel a little old now!).  We chatted and laughed as I scanned through her shopping.  How long it was since I was that young little girl in Paddington Bear glasses and frizzy hair.  Her (now all grown up) sons.  My son.  The weather.  We ran out of conversation after that, it was a little awkward.
After she left, I sat for a while and thought about my time with her as my teacher.  I was quiet, always had my nose buried in a book.  I had a small group of friends, and was possibly the least likely person to cause any trouble.  So when one day, I got called up to the teachers desk after school, I had a mini freak out.
It turns out I shouldn't have worried too much.  I wasn't being accused of bullying.  Or not doing homework.  Or whatever nine year olds do to get given out to at school.  It was my work that was the problem.  "Collette" she said "you write like a romantic."  I started feeling optimistic.  Sure, I knew what romance was.  I'd seen Disney movies, I'd read books.  Did she mean that I wrote so well the love was leaping off the page?
No.  No she did not.  She explained further.  "Sometimes, your sentences are so long they go on for lines at a time.  It's a little hard to understand sometimes.  Maybe you could practice making them shorter?".  I was gutted.  Standing there by her desk, with her smiling at me, I almost wished she had thought I was a bully.  
But being the good little scholar I was at the time, I did.  I went home and I practiced and practiced.  I remember getting really frustrated and actually tearing up a copy because I just couldn't figure out this shorter sentence business.  I even got my pencil out to the book I was reading and underlined all the short sentences, so I could try to figure it out.  I just couldn't do it.  Instead, my nine year old mind just got a little stubborn and I decided that my teacher, and everyone else, would just have to like my super sized sentences, and I never looked back.
It's funny how seeing some people will jog certain memories.  I hadn't even thought about that in so many years, but now all I want to do is dig out my old photos and school things in the attic and have a nose through them.  Maybe next week, or something.

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  1. I can just imagine a mini you, crossly underlining those short sentences! Haha, at least you are free to write how you wish now! Xo