A Weekend In My Life

More and more, I find myself looking forward to the weekend again, though in different ways to before.  While I usually work at the beginning of the week these days, and get all of the boring housework bits and pieces done, the weekend is a completely different matter.  Where once weekends were for dressing up, going out and getting drunk, now they are filled with movies, junk food and baked goods with my two favourite guys.  And sometimes, just sometimes, I get drunk now too.

While at times I miss my old life and the freedom that came with it, for the most part I'm happy curled up on the couch watching a good movie with equally good company.  In the last few weeks alone, I've been introduced to Star Wars and started to rewatch the Harry Potter movies.  On a sidenote, how good is Star Wars, right?  If you had told me at the beginning of the year that not only would I watch them, but I'd enjoy myself too, I'd have laughed in your face.  No lie!  I may have made up my own names for the characters, and asked the stupidest of questions, but I definitely enjoyed it.

Last weekend, as a belated Valentines present, I got a candy floss maker.  Now, while Valentines plans and presents in the past were few and far between, this was definitely the best gift I could have gotten.  I would never have thought of buying one for myself, but now it takes pride of place in my kitchen.  However, Valentines Day itself left a lot to be desired.  Caelen caught a vomiting bug and spent all that week sick.  I had hoped that I had gotten away with it, but felt less than fresh come Friday.  So we cancelled our plans to go out, and instead settled on yet another night in.  However, our night was shortlived, as Caelen woke up.  I went up to settle him again, and the next thing I know it's gone two in the morning and I was after waking up fully dressed.  Still though, I had fun for the hour or two that I stayed awake!

And Tommie, because I know you're probably reading this, thank you for making me smile.  I'm glad that you badgered me into letting you call over to watch a movie all those months ago, because now the weekends are the highlight of my week.  I know I can be a right old moanyhole, but I learnt from the best!

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