Collette does... Circus Vegas!

Last Sunday, after dropping Caelen off to my dad, Tommie and I went to the circus.  After a failed attempt to go earlier in the week, we took advantage of the fact my dad already would have Caelen for the afternoon and filled my handbag with tasty treats.  We had heard that the tickets were down from €24 to €12 on the Sunday, but when we got there we found out that it was only if you handed in a flyer when purchasing your tickets.  Thankfully a lovely lady in the queue in front of us had a spare, so we didn't have to go home without seeing the circus!
I love the circus.  Every year, it would come to town and I would beg to go.  And later, when I got older, I would bring my youngest brother, Mark.  The trapeze artists were always my favourite.  The very idea of being able to fly through the air with such grace and poise, I wanted to be one.  I wasn't, however, willing to give up my not so healthy diet and start exercising.  Instead, I'd just visit the circus whenever it was in town to get my fix.  And of course the prospect of popcorn and candyfloss was too much to turn down!
Circus Vegas was a different experience, however.  Instead of using animals, this circus depends on entertaining the crowd with extreme stunts and daredevil acts.  From Hercules the Canadian strong man to the Extreme FMX Freestyle Team, to Miss Elaine Princess of the Air to the Nutty Professor, not to mention Dexter the clown and scantily clad female dancers, there was something for everyone.  The acts themselves flowed seamlessly, with Dexter running about to distract everyone from the next act being set up.  I will admit though, I was not a fan of the whistle he was blowing constantly!  After the final act, the ringmaster told us to head across the road to watch a monster truck display, which was an unexpected bonus.
Overall, it was grand.  I wasn't completely blown away by Circus Vegas.  I'm not sure whether it's because I'm older now, and the magic has worn away, or if it genuinely wasn't exciting.  That said, it is worth a visit.  Is it worth the original €24?  Not at all.  If you're planning on going (it's in Dublin at the moment before heading back to various places around Europe), look out for a flyer or two for reduced prices!
All photos are from Tommie's iPhone.  I may have forgotten my camera.  And to free up space on my own phone.



  1. I wasn't at the circus with you. YOU SIR ARE A LIAR.