Hello, Book! Wreck This Journal

I've always loved books.  Even from a very young age, books were my escape.  I was always so careful with them, never damaging the spine or turning down pages.  Ever.  When I was little, my grandfather used to bring me and my brother to car boot sales every Sunday, and he would fuel my love of reading by buying me a new book every week.  I was always afraid to lend people books, in case they didn't come back in the same condition I'd given them away in.  Crazy lady behaviour from a very early age.

Then, I heard about Keri Smith's "Wreck This Journal", and I was intrigued.  A book where you're actively encouraged to destroy it, instead of keeping it in pristine condition.  I was sold.  I bought a copy over two years ago, but what with getting pregnant, changing rooms, Caelen coming along, motherhood, dramas and moving house, I forgot all about it until I finally moved over my bookcase and books last week.  

Now, I can't wait to get stuck in.  I've always been on the crafty side, but recently I've found that I've lost my inspiration.  If I know I can't do something right, I won't even attempt it.  With the craftier endeavours in my life, I strive for perfection, instead of learning to embrace my mistakes.  Now with the help of the prompts on each page, it should help me get back into it.  

So, for now, it's time to live recklessly.  To get creative, and dirty.  Wreck a book and have fun in the process.  I'm looking forward to sharing my progress!

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