Life Lately 001

+ All of the junk food.  Pizza mainly.  And chocolate.  And sweeties.  I really need to get that in check.
+ Candyfloss.  All of the candyfloss.  Because that doesn't come under the same category as junk food apparently.  It's like little clouds of happiness right there in my kitchen.

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+ Tea
+ Coke.
+ Morgan's Spiced Rum.  With Coke.  And lime cordial.
+ Basically, lots of caffeine.  Yet I'm still tired allllll of the time.

+ That during the week Caelen is in bed early, and I get full control of what's on television.
+ That the days are getting brighter, and Spring finally feels like it's on the way.
+ Days spent curled up under a blanket on the couch with a huge fire and something good to read. 

+ A mess.  Last weekend, I decided to try my hand at apple crumble, easily the simplest dessert to make aside from throwing a chunk of Vienetta into a bowl.  It was a success, but now I have to make more for my grandparents this weekend.
+ the time to actually use my camera, instead of relying on my iPhone.  Caelen's been the perfect subject all this week.

+ My work uniform
+ Dresses with tights, shorts with tights, anything but pants because they're getting rather snug (see Eating, above)

+ "Candy" by Kevin Brooks
+ Blogs!  It feels like so long since I sat down and read blogs, that I'm really enjoying it now.

+ Beef satay, with fried rice, and some prawn toast on the side.  I was meant to have a Chinese during the week, but decided against it.  Now, it's all I can think about.

+ Harry Potter.  After agreeing to watch Star Wars, it was only natural that Harry Potter would come next.  Three more left and then it's time to decide what comes next.  Send your suggestions this way!
+ First Dates
+ Frozen.  Literally every day.  Since he first watched it, Caelen has insisted on it being put on EVERY single day.  Not that I'm complaining.  I get to sing along to call of the catchy songs, and I love Olaf just a little bit.

Looking forward to
+ Spending time with my extended family for two of my cousins confirmations this month.  Even though it means I need to find (buy!) two new outfits.  
+ Pancake Tuesday.  This should not need an explanation.

+ How to play the ukulele.  I got a beautiful purple one for Christmas, but I can still only play one song.  It's harder than I had anticipated, but I'm enjoying learning it.  Even if I did have to butcher my nails so I could play the chords.

+ harder than usual.  Which considering I get a decent amount of work done with the hours I have, I was on absolute fire all this week.  Let's just hope I can keep it up.
+ on making this little blog work.  I said it for months after I had to get rid of Daiquiris and Denial, but I didn't have the heart in a new blog back then.  Now, I feel like I'm finally ready to make a go of things.

+ Finally being able to give Tommie his very, very belated Valentines present.  And then plotting how to steal it for myself.

+ Giving this house of mine a good Spring clean, making it bright and fresh in time for the changing weather.  It is going to get better, right?

+ That I still have boxes and boxes of things to sift through in my parents shed.  Technically, my dad found them, but I can't wait to see what forgotten things I discover on Monday.

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