Collette does... Kennedy's Pet Farm

On Thursday, my mom and I brought Caelen to a local-ish pet farm for the day. Being more than a little obsessed with tractors at the moment, like any boy, I thought it was high time he saw them in person. Unfortunately, we didn't see any tractors, but we did see a whole lot of animals! Spring seemed to be the perfect time to take a trip to Kennedy's Pet Farm, all those cute baby chicks and lambs around the place!

Before we went, I was nervous. Caelen is used to being able to pull out of our family dog, Coco, and he would be likely to swing out of the animals on the farm too. I shouldn't have worried, he was absolutely great with them. From chasing after baby goats, to cuddling bunnies and kittens, he had a great day. He did get a bit overexcited when two little goats were butting heads, and slapped their bums to make them stop. He got quite the audience too!

The only real problem with bringing him out there though, is that now I'm dead set on getting him some sort of a pet. Which isn't a problem at all, except for deciding what to get. I came home that evening fully convinced I was getting a goat! They're only lucky that I didn't try to stow a few of the animals in my bag going home!

Kennedy's Pet Farm is really worth the trip though, if you ever find yourself knocking around Killarney. It worked out at only €16 for the three of us to spend the whole day there, with ample room to sit and set up a picnic. They have space to keep your buggy, a free microwave for heating up meals for your smallie, and a little coffee shop if you can't bear to be without caffeine for an hour or two.  


Happiness Is....

♥ Waking up on weekend mornings to my two favourite guys.

♥ Being brought the most beautiful bunch of flowers just because I was feeling down

♥ Spending time out in the sunshine with a cuppa and a magazine to read.

♥ Seeing Caelen have fun with his little friends at playdates.

♥ Spending time with family, including a cousin I haven't seen in years that was home from Australia.

♥ Planning exciting things for the summer with Tommie.

♥ Good old gossip sessions with friends, over tea and cake, or wine.

After seeing Kate's post on documenting the good things in life in January, I decided to follow suit and try something similar. And so my "Happy Things" jar was born. All it took was an old Yankee Candle jar and some glittery glass pens. Granted, it's nothing special to look at, but it's slowly being filled with the little things in life that make me smile. It's currently sitting on my bookcase, nestled between some of my favourite books, and a sweet little Ella Masters print. 

More and more, I'm finding it incredibly important to document the moments in life that make me smile, from the little things, to the not so little.  It's easy to look back and remember the grand gestures and the milestones in your life, but what about the small things that make your heart sing. These shouldn't go unnoticed either. So whether it's a new word Caelen says, or something nice in the post, they're all going into my little jar of happiness.


Smallie Style // Skinny Jeans

When I found out I was pregnant I started to scour the shops for ideas in what to dress my baby in. Although they have so much for little girls, the boys section always seemed pretty uninspired. So when Caelen came along, and was a boy, I decided that I'd do whatever I could to ensure he was a dapper little guy. I absolutely love shopping for Caelen.  From Penneys to Next, Tesco to Debenhams, I leave no stone unturned when it comes to searching for something for him to wear. He has a pretty sizeable wardrobe at the moment, but it's almost time to start buying his summer clothes. Hello, shorts and sandals! Until then, I've tried to scale back on the spending on smallie clothes.

Since 98% of the photos I take are of Caelen, and I love talking about him, I decided doing a series of outfit posts were the way to go. You know, because I'm a crazy blogger mom. Or just a crazy mom. Whatever. Trying to take the pictures for this post made me laugh though, since Caelen hasn't grasped the concept of posing for photos just yet. As soon as he sees the camera out he's trying to climb up me to play with it, but he had a great time running around for the camera.

shirt // Penneys
hoodie // Dunnes Stores
skinny jeans // Jasper Conran for Debenhams
shoes // Clarks


On My Bookshelf // The Fault In Our Stars - John Green

"Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel's story is about to be completely rewritten."

I have a confession to make. I have only just gotten around to reading "The Fault In Our Stars". Despite seeing it on countless Twitter timelines, and on my Instagram feed, I never seemed to have the time to get stuck in. However, I wanted to read it before seeing the movie, so last weekend I sat down with a big old mug of hot chocolate and gave it a go. To say that I enjoyed reading it would be an understatement, I laughed and cried my way through the book.
The story's main character, Hazel Grace Lancaster, has cancer, and is on some sort of "wonder drug" that has made her tumours shrink. She is still terminal but this has bought her some time. She is your typical teenager, moody, sarcastic, thoughtful and smart. Her lungs don't work so she has to carry around portable oxygen tanks where ever she goes. Her mother thinks she's becoming depressed so she sends her to a teenage cancer support group in the local church. Here, she meets Augustus Waters. Gus is a cancer survivor who has lost his leg. Hazel and Gus share the same sense of humour and way of looking at the world. Hazel keeps Gus at arms length as she knows a happily ever after is not possible for them. However, love won't be denied.
I had high expectations of this book before I read it, and it exceeded every last one of them. Even though its aimed for a younger market, namely teens, I didn't think it took away from the story.  Death is never an easy topic to grapple with, either in real life or in literature.  Instead of shying away from it though, Green tackles the subject head on with a sense of frank bravado. This is an emotionally honest book, that makes you care deeply about Hazel and Augustus, and their mutual friend Isaac. You care so much, in fact, that you desperately wish for a happy ending, even though you know it's not possible.
Have you read "The Fault In Our Stars"? What did you think? I have few more books to get through, I'm hoping to tackle them through April. Here's to finding a spare hour or two here and there!