Collette does... Kennedy's Pet Farm

On Thursday, my mom and I brought Caelen to a local-ish pet farm for the day. Being more than a little obsessed with tractors at the moment, like any boy, I thought it was high time he saw them in person. Unfortunately, we didn't see any tractors, but we did see a whole lot of animals! Spring seemed to be the perfect time to take a trip to Kennedy's Pet Farm, all those cute baby chicks and lambs around the place!

Before we went, I was nervous. Caelen is used to being able to pull out of our family dog, Coco, and he would be likely to swing out of the animals on the farm too. I shouldn't have worried, he was absolutely great with them. From chasing after baby goats, to cuddling bunnies and kittens, he had a great day. He did get a bit overexcited when two little goats were butting heads, and slapped their bums to make them stop. He got quite the audience too!

The only real problem with bringing him out there though, is that now I'm dead set on getting him some sort of a pet. Which isn't a problem at all, except for deciding what to get. I came home that evening fully convinced I was getting a goat! They're only lucky that I didn't try to stow a few of the animals in my bag going home!

Kennedy's Pet Farm is really worth the trip though, if you ever find yourself knocking around Killarney. It worked out at only €16 for the three of us to spend the whole day there, with ample room to sit and set up a picnic. They have space to keep your buggy, a free microwave for heating up meals for your smallie, and a little coffee shop if you can't bear to be without caffeine for an hour or two.  

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