Happiness Is....

♥ Waking up on weekend mornings to my two favourite guys.

♥ Being brought the most beautiful bunch of flowers just because I was feeling down

♥ Spending time out in the sunshine with a cuppa and a magazine to read.

♥ Seeing Caelen have fun with his little friends at playdates.

♥ Spending time with family, including a cousin I haven't seen in years that was home from Australia.

♥ Planning exciting things for the summer with Tommie.

♥ Good old gossip sessions with friends, over tea and cake, or wine.

After seeing Kate's post on documenting the good things in life in January, I decided to follow suit and try something similar. And so my "Happy Things" jar was born. All it took was an old Yankee Candle jar and some glittery glass pens. Granted, it's nothing special to look at, but it's slowly being filled with the little things in life that make me smile. It's currently sitting on my bookcase, nestled between some of my favourite books, and a sweet little Ella Masters print. 

More and more, I'm finding it incredibly important to document the moments in life that make me smile, from the little things, to the not so little.  It's easy to look back and remember the grand gestures and the milestones in your life, but what about the small things that make your heart sing. These shouldn't go unnoticed either. So whether it's a new word Caelen says, or something nice in the post, they're all going into my little jar of happiness.

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