Smallie Style // Skinny Jeans

When I found out I was pregnant I started to scour the shops for ideas in what to dress my baby in. Although they have so much for little girls, the boys section always seemed pretty uninspired. So when Caelen came along, and was a boy, I decided that I'd do whatever I could to ensure he was a dapper little guy. I absolutely love shopping for Caelen.  From Penneys to Next, Tesco to Debenhams, I leave no stone unturned when it comes to searching for something for him to wear. He has a pretty sizeable wardrobe at the moment, but it's almost time to start buying his summer clothes. Hello, shorts and sandals! Until then, I've tried to scale back on the spending on smallie clothes.

Since 98% of the photos I take are of Caelen, and I love talking about him, I decided doing a series of outfit posts were the way to go. You know, because I'm a crazy blogger mom. Or just a crazy mom. Whatever. Trying to take the pictures for this post made me laugh though, since Caelen hasn't grasped the concept of posing for photos just yet. As soon as he sees the camera out he's trying to climb up me to play with it, but he had a great time running around for the camera.

shirt // Penneys
hoodie // Dunnes Stores
skinny jeans // Jasper Conran for Debenhams
shoes // Clarks


  1. He's such a stylish wee dude, get him a modelling contract!!
    Question; does he try to ride the tractor, as my boy does (then freaks when it flips!)? Lol xo

    1. He sure does. I don't know why he thinks it's big enough for him to sit on, silly boy! He has a Little Tykes car transporter thingy that he likes to sit on and ride around on too, but won't go near the actual sit on toys he has.... Why oh why?