making a house a home

I've been living here for almost seven months, which seems ridiculous to me. Some days it feels like I've just moved in, whereas others it feels like I've been here for years. For the first few months, I felt like I was just playing house, and that an adult would be along at any moment to take reign of their home again. I didn't feel fully comfortable. Coming from a busy (read noisy) family home, to our own little abode, the house seemed too big, too quiet. Especially once Caelen had gone to bed, and I'd be left sitting on the couch in this big old house, listening to the clanging of the pipes as they heated, and the random creaking of the house settling.

First on the list of requirements was a television, to break up the too quiet nights. Personal knick-knacks, photos and soft furnishings came soon after. A crammed bookcase looms in one corner of the sitting room, a throwback to when my brain functioned properly and I was rarely without a book in hand. Crayon scribbles on pastel hued paper, Caelen's first "artwork", adorns the fridge. A growing collection of teacups, some holding little odds and ends like lip balm and screws, others on the windowsill with herbs waiting to grow. A set of screwdrivers to make me feel like a DIY queen. 

Of course, there's still so much that has to be done to make this house more like home. Caelen's room still needs to be decorated before he can move in there. The front garden needs a good weeding and a lick of paint. The back garden needs its fence given another coat of paint and to be fixed up so it looks less like a jungle. The curtain pole in my bedroom needs to be fixed. The wardrobes need a good clearout and the bed/floordrobe in the spare room needs to disappear. The stairs needs a hoovering. It's not perfect, it's old and dated and I don't want to pour too much money and time into a rented house. It's not pretty, but I do my best. When I had Caelen, I promised myself that I would do whatever it took to give him the kind of happy childhood I had. Here, in this house that we call home, I'm beginning to see it all come together.



  1. Aww I love this. I think it's very important to make a house feel more homely considering most people want to relax at home :) I love your little decorations :) Thank you very much for passing by my blog as well collette, i really appreciate it! x
    | Life as a Petite |

  2. I know what you mean about putting money into rented accommodation - I'm the same. The photos you have shared are lovely - little touches like your soft furnishings really help make it homely! :) we've been in our wee flat a year and we've still got a million things on the list to get! Xo

  3. Love me a room tour! :) I'm super jealous of your bookcase. I wish I had enough space for one! xx

    Katy | Little Miss Katy

  4. Absolutely love my house furniture, nearly spent 1,000 euro on a rocking chair
    last day!