Days Like These

Some days are infinitely better than others. Days when I wake up to the sun streaming through the window, I'm off work, and can do things with my number one little guy. Recently, the weather has been fantastic. Our days have been filled with park trips and paddling pool dips, barbecues with my favourite people and an ice cold drink or two to wash it all down.

While I really enjoy having a fire lit (fun fact: I couldn't light a fire until I moved into my current house) and snuggling down with cushions and blankets, nothing quite beats sitting in the sunshine hearing your child's laughter as he splashes water at your bare legs. On days like these I'm even more glad that I reduced my hours at work. These sunny days with Caelen are one's I'll never get back.

Summer, you're a bit of alright. Won't you stay for a while?

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