10 Things You Learn When You Live With Your Boyfriend Part Time

Alternative title: When your boyfriend spend most of his time in your house, and said house is now littered with his belongings. Not that you're complaining, mind.

When I say "your" boyfriend, I clearly mean mine, or things might get a little awkward around these parts.

1. Socks. They end up everywhere. And almost never in pairs. See also, random t shirts that you will steal as fancy new loungewear.

2. You learn more about your sleeping habits than you'd care to imagine. Meaning, you're less Sleeping Beauty, and more Snorey McDroolypants. And, you've seen the pictures to prove it.

3. Speaking of sleeping, it does mean nightly cuddles, which is always a good thing. Until you fall asleep and pull the blankets off said boyfriend. Which isn't such a good thing apparently.

4. Talking about bodily functions becomes normal instead of embarrassing. 

5. You realise, of all the photos scattered around the house, there isn't one single frame worthy photo of you as a couple. See above photo for reference.

6. Applying fake tan and hair dye is so much easier with an extra pair of hands.

7. Mutual weight gain is a thing that you will try to rectify with running. Which you will regret before you even start.

8. Sometimes you think that you would like some space to indulge in some single girl behaviour, but when they go away, you get lonely. There's no winning, eh?

9. You hate to cook and clean, and would therefore make the worst ever housewife.  He, on the other hand.....

10. Having a night of drinks and board games with his friends isn't as nerve wracking as you thought, and could possibly maybe become a "thing" when he does move in properly.

So, moving in together has been on some sort of horizon for a while now. At the very least, there's been a talk or two, and some jokey references. For the last few weeks, Tommie has been here more often than he's been away, and if that time is any indication of what living together will be like, I'll be more than pleased. 

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