Five on Friday #2

I'm back again with more lovely things I found on the internets. Again this week, they're mainly blog posts I felt I could relate to in one way or another. I actually didn't do a whole load of browsing or reading this week, however. I started playing that dreadful Kim Kardashian game, and it's slowly taking over my life. I'm in no way a Kim fan, but that game is bloody addictive! I think I need to delete it before my life gets completely taken over with a fictional jet set lifestyle!

Fiona of Dolly Dowsie wrote a wonderful post about how she raises her son. She has unfortunately been at the end of some horrible comments on her parenting style, and the post really shows off what a fierce mama she really is. While Fiona's blog is a new enough read for me, I really loved this post. I think many people come across some sort of negativity about how they raise their children. It's just nice to see someone taking a stand, instead of hiding how they really feel.

This print is the best. For some time now, Caelen has cut out his daytime nap. Which is a pity, because the adults in this house are fans of an old catnap or two. Also, someone give me ALL of the money to spend on Not On The High Street. There's way too many lovely things on it.

Another one from Charlotte this week. Write Like No One's Watching is increasingly becoming the first blog I check. Her post on being a newly single mother really hit home. I only wish I had read it when I was going through the start of that journey myself. It may have made me cry, but it's a truly beautiful read, single mama or not.

The Innocent Big Knit is back. For the last two years, I've been making, and sending off teeny tiny hats, and it's all for a good cause! Back in 2008, Innocent requested that people make tiny hats, to put on their smoothie bottles. For every hat wearing bottle that was sold, 30c goes to Age Action. The money raised goes towards their Care and Repair programme, which involves volunteers visiting older people in their homes and providing a DIY service. It's so easy to knit or crochet a little hat or two, especially now that the evenings are closing in. I'm looking forward to sitting in front of the fire surrounded by wool in the evenings. If you want to take part, you can find some patterns here.

Halloween is just over a month away, and I'm busy planning a costume or two. I'm lucky enough that I'll get to dress up for work, and I'm planning on matching costumes for Caelen, Tommie and I too. When I came across these DIYed Fairy Glitter Shoes over on Pale Girl I swooned. I have a similar pair of shoes that I never wear anymore, so I can really see myself trying this out. Now, just to choose a costume that work with them! 


  1. Thank you so much for mentioning me and that post. I feel like we're kindred spirits in a way. And I'm so lucky to have a chum like you. xx

    1. I've always said that our stories are quite similar in ways, which is why your posts generally bring me to tears. You're so honest and warm in your writing, it's no wonder that your blog is one of my favourites to read.


  2. I may need that 'naps fix everything' print! She says while sitting in bed haha.. Going to be browsing 'Not On The High Street all night now haha :) Thanks so much for the mention, really glad you like the shoes :D :D xo