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Two weekends ago, I went to a wedding. Being the first time I was going to meet Tommie's family properly, I wanted to make a good impression and dress to impress, but also stay true to myself. I'm not a preened to perfection girl, and when I do dress on the more girly, conservative side, I like to add some toughness to my outfits.
While I knew I was wearing a black 50's style prom dress, with a hot pink petticoat and matching shoes and bag, I wanted to tone down the pink a little. Especially with the shocking pink hair I'm currently sporting! I searched the town and online for suitable offerings, only finding fancy, feathered fascinators that were a bit too much for my crop. Finally, my brain clicked into gear and I remembered seeing the most perfect fascinator for my needs.

Thankfully, after a few emails back and forth, Nicola from Lil Red's Boutique came to the rescue. The result? A gorgeous black spiked and studded little number that would nestle in my pink locks to finish the look. It looked classy enough to wear to the wedding, but I can see myself incorporating it into my wardrobe on bad hair days on a pretty regular basis.

While I had first seen this fascinator on the Lil Red's Boutique Facebook page, I didn't realise that they weren't for sale just yet. Thankfully, Nicola had the supplies on hand to make a black one, and had no problem in making it at short notice, even going so far as to deliver it to my house because it was raining! Talk about service with a smile! Because it was handmade, I expected it to be more expensive than the €18 price tag, so I was extra pleased!

I've bought bits and pieces from Nicola before, at a craft fair a few years ago. While I can't wear the earrings pictured anymore, due to me stretching my ears for the last eighteen months or so, the "bitch" scrabble chain (that for the life of me could not find today!) gets broken out every so often. Everything I've bought from her shop is amazing quality, and the packaging is pretty sweet too!

If you're interested in checking out more from Lil Red's Boutique, you can find the Facebook page HERE, and her Etsy shop is HERE. Happy shopping!

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