When Life Gives You Apples....


I like nice things. Sometimes, I even buy them. My joy at having new nice things never lasts long though. Especially when those nice things are electronic goods. I'm fully sure that technology, or at the very least Apple products, hate me.

It goes like this...
I buy a laptop to start college and my new little pink camera stops working. 

I buy a new camera and I lose my laptop. 

I buy an iPhone to replace the laptop and I smash my camera on a night out. 

A friend gives me a camera and I smash the screen of my iPhone. 

I buy a new netbook, the iPhone gives up the fight. 

I get a new iPhone, the netbook decides it wants to be a dick and only work when it wants to. 

I buy a Macbook Air, my iPhone takes a swim in a toilet.

Such is my life. My house, and my parents, is littered with remnants of my nice things. A cracked iPhone 4s lies on my parents bookshelf, for my dad to practice replacing the screen before buying a new one. The netbook is gathering dust, missing buttons from when I kicked it in disgust. A camera, cracked LCD screen, serves as a reminder to be more careful with my nice things. And the latest, my beloved iPhone 5, is currently in a pot of sushi rice, the only rice I had in the house, after rescuing it from the toilet this morning.

I'm hoping, and praying, that my phone will come back from the dead tomorrow, and I'll have broken the curse. Everyone deserves nice things, and I'll be ever so careful with my belongings in future.

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  1. Oh you poor thing! Sounds like a horrifying cycle, I hope it's the cycle that breaks next!