home improvements // a living room wishlist

I'll be living in this house a year later on this month. While I have done a bit to make this house a home for Caelen and myself, there's still a lot of room for improvement. Because I'm renting and have no idea how long I'll be living here, I don't want to pour a lot of money into a house that isn't technically mine. But, considering I'll be signing another twelve month lease shortly, I think it's time to really start putting my stamp on the place.
Starting with the living room, as it's our most used room. I want it to be cosy, but functional. A second, smaller, bookcase, for books and little knick knacks, and to take some weight off of my existing one. Some snuggly throws and squashy cushions, for those cosy winter nights in. A coffee table, for obvious reasons. Some mismatched frames and decor to add to the already eclectic collection. While I don't have a colour scheme per se, most of the room has hints of turquoise and purple, with splashes of red and pink. Since my new curtains are purple, I'm looking at picking out other hues to compliment the other colours in the room.
Living Room #1

I need more candles, as I've just used up the two large Yankee Candles I got for my birthday. I have my eye on some Flamingo Candles, in sugary sweet scents. After reading some reviews, the Parma Violet one sounds amazing! Or even a Jewel Candle, who doesn't want their house to smell good and get a sparkly treat too? My living room is quite long and narrow, and for some reason it only has one socket in the whole room. Some battery operated fairy lights would help to illuminate the other side of the room. As would a mirror up over the fireplace instead of the €3 canvas I bought just after moving in. A big old trunk to store some of Caelen's toys, which could also double as a play surface. That boy just loves lining all his cars up along the couch, which doesn't leave much room for sitting down!
living room #2

Obviously, along the way I'll be picking up more knick knacks and trinkets to add to my already sizeable collection of odds and ends. I usually don't plan these in advance, but rather pick them up as I see them. Once I get the larger items on this wish list, finding things to fill them will come easily. 
How do you make a rental feel more like home?


  1. You're right I think the best way is to make your place cosy, I'm renting a flat at the moment. I have cushions and blankets everywhere and hung up a painting. Try going to furniture charity shop or looking on gum tree you can find some real bargins which you can paint and do up and make your own. This is all stuff you can take with you if you ever move.


  2. I've had my eye on that bookcase for a while! I'm in the same situation as you being in a rental. My living room is just filled with toys atm so new storage solutions would be great!!
    I've picked up wee bits and bobs from pound shops to add wee homely touches to my wee flat - I got 3 morrocan style lamps and led tea lights for £4 and they look so nice in my hall!
    I love your colour scheme - your living room sounds lovely! Xo

  3. Some really pretty items! I love them all xx

    Sophie x


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