Late Night Ramblings #3 - Friends Like These

Back in the school days of studying hard and gossiping harder, I was friends a group of girls. And when I say studied, most of the last two years of school were spent writing each other lengthy letters filled with code names for boys and planning nights out. So, mostly gossiping. We had nights out, befriending barmen, questionable outfit choices, making up fake names and taking thousands of photos. Most of which were before digital cameras were all the rage, so are hidden in a box that I take out every now and then for a giggle.

After those two years, we went our separate ways. Three to colleges across the country, and one to repeat sixth year. Spoiler - that lonely one left behind was me. Nights out became more infrequent, but still filled with laughs, drinks, barmen and gossip. Mostly, our friendship is limited to texting and Facebook. And Bebo, way back when Bebo was the "in" thing. Now, almost ten years down the line, relationships, breakups, two babies and many changes of location later, we're still friends. Granted, ones I don't see as much as I'd like, but friends none the less. 

These are the girls I've been singing McFly songs in the street with on our way out into town, laughed in the chipper with at the end of the night, visited for weekends in the cities they lived in, shared my precious cigarettes with, and took one too many photos in front of a Michael Collins print in a local bar. They're the ones that have seen my house in all it's untidy glory, and stayed for tea anyway. That dole out sympathy, laughs and advice in equal measures. Where we can make fun of our unfortunate dating past, and all the randoms we dated.

Friends like these are quite hard to come by. We all have busy lives, with work and babies and social lives. But they're the ones that I may not talk to for a week or two and know I can just pick up the phone and pick up where we left off. Friendships where time is not a factor, though texts after 12 are apparently strictly off limits. Where with most people I feel a bit awkward, a bit different, these girls have accepted me for who I am.

 My Boobs, my wifey and good old Chastity, I don't say it enough, but I love each and every one of you. You make me laugh, and cry with laughter. While we have all grown up and left those innocent school days, I still think we need a night of SingStar and vodka and stomping around the room. Lets make it happen.

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