Life Lately - Getting Crafty

It's been feeling kinda Christmassy around these parts at the moment. The last two weeks have been a flurry of yarn and hooks. And ribbon. And paint. And pompoms. And snowflakes. And bells. I have Tommie driven demented showing him rough drafts of things I want to make for the tree. And dragging him around all the shops in town looking at trees and lights and buying more baubles than completely necessary.

A while back I decided that it was time to dig the Christmas decorations out of storage. You know, just to see what I needed to buy. Not to put them up. Not at all. So out came dusty baubles and tinsel, glittery stags, sparkly jewels, felt gingerbread men and last years Christmas tree. The tree that looks more like a glorified branch than the wonderful Christmas tree I had envisioned when I planned my perfect Christmas. So, that went back into the shed. The rest I kept. They're currently in a box, in the playroom, waiting for a Christmas tree worthy of putting them on.

With buying Christmas presents, my brother's 21st, a Christmas party or two and Tommie's birthday all in December, money is tight for the next few weeks. I thought the best way to save money, and jazz up my humble abode, was to make some decorations. And so, my evenings have been filled with crochet. Sitting down in front of the fire, with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on in the background, and mountains of yarn scattering the couch, I've been ploughing through them. So much, that I'm able to send some to people I feel honoured to call friends.

Along with all of the crochet, I've been getting covered in paint. I found some more frames to paint some bright colours to add to the living room. I'd love to be one of those people who like matching things, but that will never be me. Instead, my living room is full of colour. But, it being a drab rental to begin with, I like to think it brightens up the room and inject it with some much needed character. I'm hoping to have the living room completely finished by Christmas, when I'll have family and friends over in the evenings.

I will admit, I have quite a bad habit of flitting between projects. Right now, I have three garlands to make, star decorations to finish for a number of people that asked for them, more things to add to the wall in the living room, and my poor mother is still waiting on a scarf I told her I'd make months ago. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. But as with everything, I'll get there in the end, right?


A Year In

Last weekend marked our one year anniversary. Saturday, after Caelen's lunch, we set off on our merry way to Killarney. We had a room booked in a rather fancy establishment, plans for dinner and tickets to see Dara O'Briain. Two complimentary tea and scones, one septum piercing and a change of clothes later, we were ready to start those anniversary celebrations. 

After eating our fill and belly laughing our way through Dara's set, we checked out what Killarney had to offer in the way of drinks. Many cocktails and a sit down in a nightclub later, we headed back to the hotel for a much needed uninterrupted sleep. The following day, we skipped the hotel breakfast in lieu of trying out the snazzy jacuzzi bath. Now, I want a hot tub of my very own. Our time in Killarney may have been short and sweet, but it was lovely to be able to spend some quality time together. 

The last twelve months has been a learning curve. I'll be honest in saying I went into this relationship almost expecting it to fail. I have had some pretty bad experiences with relationships in the past, and at the time I didn't feel ready. I was afraid of having another failed relationship under my belt, especially with someone I was friends with beforehand. Especially considering it involved introducing Caelen too.

I never expected to find someone that would not only take on another man's child as part of a relationship, but someone that would treat my son as his own. Someone that will listen to my problems, and offer advice and support. Through him, I've learnt to open up again, and that sometimes it's ok not to be in control all the time. 

This last year has been one of the best times of my life. I've been able to spend most of my time with Tommie, and not get bored. I can lounge around in my pyjamas, without a scrap of makeup, and feel comfortable. I've been introduced to more than one amazingly crappy movie, and loved it. He's someone that has encouraged my little crafty experiments, and has (hopefully!) been honest about them. 

Tommie, you're a good egg. I'm glad we're in this together.