Family Movie Night

A picture of popcorn and cookies for a movie night with a  toddler
Like pretty much everyone I've ever known, we're fans of movies around these parts. While I love a good rom com,  and Tommie seems to like watching anything but rom coms, as a family we have to think of things that will suit us all. 
While newer movies like Frozen and Big Hero 6 are always a hit in this house, I've also been introducing older Disney classics like The Jungle Book, The Fox and The Hound, and  Lady and the Tramp. Obviously, you can't forget the Toy Story Movies, and Despicable Me, movies that started Caelen's obsession with toys from the series. 
I find that movies with bright colours and catchy music are best to keep Caelen's attention. I mean, who can say "Let It Go" is anything but catchy? Or if he's interested in something, like monsters and dinosaurs, much like any little boy. We recently watched The Land Before Time, a favourite from my own childhood, and Monsters Inc, because monsters. I was a little disappointed when he didn't care for The Little Mermaid, I really wanted an excuse to watch it over and over!
No movie is complete without treats of course. We usually spring for freshly popped popcorn and cookies fresh out of the oven. I usually use this recipe, but after seeing ads for Chips Ahoy! we decided a taste test was in order and added them into the mix. None of us were a fan of them, unfortunately, so I'll be popping back into the kitchen for our next movie night. Usually, us adults would have a can of Coke while watching the movie, but since we're trying to curb our Coke addictions, we've been reaching for MiWadi instead. I'm quite a fan of the Apple Berry flavour. It's not Coke, but it'll do for now!
Add dimmed lights, some snuggly throws and these cute little popcorn boxes and we're pretty much set. At least until Caelen gets older and we can take him to the cinema as a treat. 
What movies would you recommend for smallies?

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