late night ramblings #4 - adventures in hair dye

For years, I wanted bright, colourful hair. I had images upon images of rainbow tresses pinned on Pinterest until I finally took the plunge. You see, I simply got sick of dying my hair brown. I found my first grey hair at eleven, and from then on I'd top up my colour every few weeks. Spending so much money on a colour I didn't want really bummed me out. From time to time, I'd experiment with reddish or purple-y browns, but for the most part they were just that. Brown. And, quite frankly, I was sick of it.

I started off with a brown pixie cut. Don't get me wrong, I loved it, and the colour suited me, but I wanted more. Once it had grown a bit, and knowing I'd be going to the hairdresser soon after (in case of any crazy disaster involving burning half my hair off, or it turning green!), I stocked up on bleach and some L'Oreal Olia red dye and got to it. I figured, a vibrant enough red would sate my thirst for a hair related change. The red didn't take properly on my hair, and I was left with an pink based orange. It was patchy as hell, but I loved it. Some parts were more orange, and after a few washes other sections of my hair turned a pastel pink. Someone even commented on my hair, saying it reminded them of a Fruit Salad sweet. It didn't last long though.

Now, I'd really gotten the bug for stand-out hair. Browsing Amazon one night, I came across Carnation Pink, by Directions. Stocking up on bleach again (FYI, I've used Jerome Russell b.blonde and have never had a problem so far!), I turned my hair from a chewy sweet into the perfect candy pink. Yet again, I loved it. Sure, I didn't have the patience to get help with the bleaching, so there were some patches of my roots that were still a little brown, but once I couldn't see it, it didn't bother me. That lasted for over a month until, having a wedding to go to, I revisited my good friend Amazon for more dye.

Stupidly, I ordered the wrong dye, and instead of the soft, yet incredibly bright, pink I already had in my hair, I ordered Flamingo Pink. It was bright. Like, really really bright. It took a while to get used to. While Carnation Pink felt almost like my "natural" colour, this one felt like a beacon on my head. Once it started to fade, I loved it. It faded to something similar to Carnation Pink, but when it came close to the time to do my roots, I decided I fancied a change.

On a whim, I popped into my local boots, and came out armed with two boxes of Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL Ultra Brights in Turquoise Temptation. From the colour on the box, I was hoping for a bright, almost teal, blue. I couldn't have been more mistaken. It came out patchy, and only took to the roots. The lengths of my hair, of which there isn't much, came out a pastel blue. And blonde. There was a whole lot of blonde. It looked ridiculous. Not wanting to bleach my hair again and risk more damage, and wanting to read up on some dyes to get it right second time around, it stayed in my hair for a few weeks. As you can see from the picture below, taken three weeks after initially bleaching and dying with the Colour XXL dye, it's a whole mess of colours. And, my hair grows hella fast!

The next stage was also a blue based one. I had given up on finding a turquoise/teal dye without having to mix one up myself, and settled for Crazy Colour Peacock Blue, a dye that I was able to find without resorting to shopping online. This one worked well. It covered all my hair consistently, was bright, and best of all, was blue. I dyed it just before our anniversary, and apart from the crazy fast growth, lasted a good month before I even had to think about topping up the colour.

As usual, I got bored. I grew tired of the blue, and wanted to go back to pink. As things never go smoothly for me, I should have known something would have went wrong. The blue wasn't light enough to lift properly with the bleach. There wasn't enough bleach. I am a tit. All these things are true. I just bunged some pink on my hair and hoped for the best. Strangely though, this was one of my favourite colours I've been. When I took the towel off and looked in the mirror, the first thing I thought was - UNICORN HAIR! Pink, blue and purple, all in one? It was love. Even as it faded, and the colours all merged together from washing, I thought it looked pretty awesome. Until, I felt the winds of change again, and dug out the dye.

Two nights ago, not wanting, or needing, to bleach my hair again, I popped some leftover pink I had knocking around for years - Splat Pink Fetish Rose. Now, I have no idea what the staying power of Splat dyes are, and I did add quite a bit of conditioner, but all I know is I'm destroyed. My hands are pink from running my hands through my hair, my forehead is pink. Three towels, a pillowcase, my work pants, and a nipple are all a bright neon pink. That said, my hair looks good. Surprisingly, it came out mostly purple, even the back that was all pink before dying it. The best bit though, is the little pops of hot pink running through the top and front of my hair.

So, there you have it, a late night ramble about my hair colours in the last few months. So, what colour is next?


  1. I love how adventurous you are with your hair! I wish I was this brave. Also I've missed a lot of your posts because I thought I was following you on BL, and apparently I wasn't. Looking forward to a catch up! xx

    1. To be honest, I'm so grey I just got sick of spending so much money on brown dye! I'll keep it for another while, and another few colours! Your hair is pretty light, you should try out some hair chalks for some wash out colourful hair! And no, we haven't made it to London yet. It's still in the pipelines, but money related things keep coming up. 2015 is the year for it though! xx

  2. PS. Have you been to London yet? I never sent you the to do list i promised...