late night ramblings #5 - feeling thankful

001. For cake. Seriously though, can you imagine a world without cake? I know I can't! Last Friday, my parents packed myself and Tommie off for a meal, where I had the most delicious mud cake. Even looking at the pictures of our meal now is making my mouth water!
002. Getting amazing news from my granda today. He's been unwell the last few months, and we've been seeing him decline. After a triple bypass and multiple mini strokes, we then found out he needed a hip transplant. The quietest, kindest man I know, who has worked so, so hard his whole life and well into retirement, has been cooped up at home. We found out today that he has an assessment with a surgeon next Tuesday to see if he will operate on him. Even if it gives him some relief so he can potter around and feel more comfortable will mean so much to him. Keep your fingers crossed for him!
003. Having the opportunity to raise money for a worthy charity, and have fun in the process. Last Saturday, I got to sit outside in the sunshine at work, and do face painting for all the children that passed. Annnnd, I get to do it all again for St. Patricks Day and Easter. Today, my manager told me that I raised over fifty euro on my own for Make A Wish. It may sound small, but considering I was only there for two hours I'm pretty damn pleased with myself.
004. For Caelen's Tom Haverford face. It sounds like a funny thing to be grateful for, but seriously, that boy makes me laugh. The last few months have been another learning curve, with the Terrible Two's, and him thinking he can do what he wants (why do I get the feeling he'll be an unruly teen?), but it's little moments like this that make me feel like it's all worthwhile. 

005. This here blog. It might not be read a whole pile, or at all except for that boyfriend of mine, but it's mine. It's my little space to get all those thoughts out. I've always liked writing, and keeping a diary, but in the last few years I haven't been able to physically put pen to paper any more, without doodling all over my shiny new notebooks. With Inked Hibiscus, I have that space to write, and share pictures, even if it is only for myself!

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