Looking Forward

Salou, Spain - May 2013
I've been in a pretty bad funk for the last month. After all the excitement of Christmas petered out, I was left with nothing to look forward to. Going through the motions, I had a (not so nice) event the end of the month looming over me. I felt pretty lifeless. I was still there for my son, but everything else just seemed to stand still. Going through the motions at work and at home. I shut myself off from my friends, my relationship suffered, I piled on (yet more) pounds comfort eating. I haven't blogged, I've barely tweeted. I haven't felt myself.

January was such a troubling month for me. But now, the first of February, it's time for some changes. No more negative thinking. No more holding back. No more needless worrying. What will happen, will happen. It's time to remember what's important in life. That sweet little boy of mine, who seems more grown up every day. My family, and their endless support. Tommie, who is there each and every day. The friends that I've neglected for the last few weeks. That's what is really important, not dwelling on the misfortunes of the past.

This month is already shaping up to be a good one. With my little cousin hitting a milestone birthday today, there's a family get together to look forward to once her exams are over. Playdates with Caelen's best friend. Valentine's Day with my two loves. Friends coming to visit. A mini trip to see family the next county over. Finishing crochet orders, and seeing people smile when they see them. And tonight, while I'm all alone after Caelen's gone to bed, I've been looking at some old holiday pictures, like the one from Salou above. I think it's time to sit down with pen and paper and see if I could afford a sunny break away before the year is out.

It's not much to look at, but it's something to cling on to. January, I'm glad you're behind me. February, I'm ready for you!

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