Midweek Slump

It's the middle of my working week. Like so many others, I find Wednesdays hard. The start of the week is just over, but the weekend is still so far away. However, I'm usually off on Wednesdays, so my slump is more likely to be boredom related than the stresses of work.
My plans to overcome the midweek slump today:
Drink at least 53 cups of tea. Granted, that means I'd need to drink a cup of tea every twenty minutes from the time I get up until I go to bed, but it's a small price to pay.
Get the house in order. It's literally a tip. From the clothes mountain that's taking over the kitchen table, to all the toys strewn around the living room floor after an already busy morning, it's not pretty. In between cups of tea, I'm planning on tackling this today.
Burn all of the candles. I have three Yankee Candles and some sweet smelling cheapies from Deaz left over from Christmas that I plan on lighting all day long. Because, if I don't get the house in order, at least it will smell amazing. And that's half the battle, right?

This evening is for crochet. I've got orders to finish, and I've put it off for far too long. I have a bunny in my WIP box for the last few weeks that I'm itching to get finished. 

After having an early night last night, and having the best sleep in months, I'm planning on retiring early again this evening. Armed with my laptop, hooks and yarn, pattern notebooks and another cuppa, I'm already looking forward to it!

Mainly though, today is for enjoying with the smallie. He loves helping out with the washing machine, and hanging clothes out, so we can put on some cheesy music, dance around the kitchen and have fun while we clean. Now, to teach him Enchanted's "The Working Song" and pray it doesn't attract rats!


  1. I'm definitely having a midweek slump too! Think I'll join you with the 53 cups of tea ;)

    Meg, Optical Intake

    1. There's nothing like way too much tea on miserable days like today! xx

  2. I'm in for the way too much tea too! Wednesdays are a struggle!

  3. Totally understand! I feel like the middle of the week your To Do list just becomes SO overbearing! It's seems like theres never enough time on the weekend to do everything and distress, urgh life! Thanks for the post! x