the day Betty came to the rescue

Sometimes it's the simplest of things that make the world of difference. Take yesterday, for example. It started off well, with breakfast and piping hot tea, before a brisk walk to the outskirts of town. Once we got back though, the terrible twos took hold. Where my smiley happy toddler was, now stood a surly mini teenager. One who just wanted mama's iPhone, and nothing else would substitute. Thankfully, good old Betty Crocker came to the rescue.

I'm not the most confident person in the kitchen. I can bake, but not cook. I enjoy measuring out ingredients, and coming up with little tweaks of my own. On days like yesterday, where time is of the essence, there's nothing like being able to tear open a box of cake mix with your toddler and get stuck in. No waiting for the perfect amount of flour, no searching for the sugar. Just unbox and go.
Yesterday, we made some delicious chocolate cupcakes with rich chocolate frosting and a thousand colourful sprinkles. And tonight, now that Caelen is gone to bed, we're settling down to watch a movie on Netflix with another box mix concoction, brownies!
And the reason I have no pictures of the finished product? They were eaten much too quick. There's always next time though!

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