Catrice Nude Illusion review

I'm not a beauty blogger, or even know all that much about makeup. I know what I know, and I like to think I do it relatively well. But sometimes, I fall in love with something. And instead of proclaiming my love for something from he rooftops, I'm going to use this here blog from time to time. Call it a "Dummies Guide to Makeup", if you will.

Up until I got pregnant, I never had any real issues with my skin. Granted, I tended to blush a lot for no reason (still do!), but my skin itself was in good enough nick. Once I was pregnant though, my skin started to suffer. Big old angry spots and red patches would appear all over my face, all of the time. My skin became incredibly dry and flaky.

Because funds are ever limited, I have to limit myself to buying makeup on the cheaper end of the spectrum, foundation included. My favourite (price and coverage wise) is Rimmel's Wake Me Up, but the shades are all too dark for me. Which is fine in the summer, when I get some sort of a colour, but in the depths of winter and spring, I end up looking ridiculous. On a whim last week, I bought Catrice Nude Illusion in Nude Ivory.

Catrice Nude Illusion Nude Ivory review

Looking a lot more expensive than it's budget friendly €8.49, and with a handy dandy pump, Catrice Nude Illusion gives a nice bang for its buck. A medium consistency, I found it quite easy to blend. To do this I usually use a blending sponge from Model's Own, and then buff it in with the Real Techniques. While it's got quite a light coverage, I find it covers any red areas well. However, I do find I need to use a primer and setting spray to stop it rubbing off my nose throughout the day. I realised too late that showing a swatch on my purple, poor circulation ridden hand was probably not the best idea. It does match my face, I swear!

Catrice Nude Illusion Nude Ivory review swatch

With self proclaimed "soft, light reflecting pigments", Catrice Nude Illusion gives me a nice glow-y complexion. While it doesn't last as well as I'd like without extra steps, it's certainly good value for money. If you're looking for a low budget, natural foundation, this is one to try.

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