Sunny Days

Some days are so much better than others. Today was one such day. We woke early, after a late night. Not due to the normal St. Patricks Day shenanigans, but because Caelen decided to stay up as late as possible. And wake up as the sun rose. It didn't seem like the ideal situation, but with the sun shining, I decided it was better to make the most of it. Sure, I could have dozed on the couch at home all morning, but where's the fun in that?

Inked Hibiscus cupcakes sprinkles chocolate

We popped to the shop for some supplies, and spent the morning baking. Chocolate covered cupcakes and scones made before lunch, and then a visit to my mom and grandparents to deliver the goodies. My grandfather, now out of hospital, seems to be on the mend. He's still in pain, and gets tired a lot, but that's to be expected. He loved that Caelen brought him breakfast in bed, and later ran around pretending to be a robot. It's simple little things like these that make my day.

Inked Hibiscus Sunny Days baking scones
Before lunch, we took another walk. This time, a haircut turned my curly haired babe into a tousled headed little man. Looking at him walking down the stairs after getting his hair cut, Jasper in hand, it hit me. My child is practically reared. Walking home in the sunshine, hand in hand, I thought back on his two and a half years. It's been a tough journey, but one I'd take over and over again. 

Inked Hibiscus son haircut
It's easy to remember him as that tiny little baby, with scrunched up little frog legs and the biggest hands I've ever seen. And the milestones. His first word, his first spoonful of baby food, his first step, the works. It's harder to pinpoint though, where the baby ends and the boy begins. It seems like he just grew up overnight, with his own personality thats becoming more and more apparent. He has a crush on my brother's girlfriend, and would like a yellow dog. He loves the colour purple. Peppa Pig rocks his world. While he doesn't get it often, he can eat chocolate in a matter of seconds, and it doesn't end up all over his face, like me.

He makes my heart melt.

I know there are tough times. He's stubborn, and demands to get his own way. He gets frustrated easily, especially when someone doesn't understand him. Sometimes, he thinks sleep is for the weak and decides against it. But when he hugs me and I hear "I love you mama, to the moon and back, and all around the world" in his singsong little voice it makes it all worthwhile.


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