The Hunt Is On

Inked Hibiscus Easter bunny chick egs

With Easter creeping closer and closer, I've been really busy getting things done. Crochet orders left, right and centre have pretty much taken over my life. I have a lump on my finger from my hook, and my left hand is really stiff from gripping what I'm working on. I even had to stop completely for a few weeks due to the pains. However, I'm completely delighted to have been asked to make little crochet cuties for family and friends. I feel it's a lot more personal than giving people chocolate eggs, and my hands will get over it, in time!

Now that Caelen is older, and understands so much more, I'm planning an Easter Egg hunt on Easter Sunday. Just for him, just at home, but I'm ridiculously excited. I've bought little plastic eggs to fill with goodies, and signs to guide him on his way. I'm in the process of looking for a suitable basket or other container that he can use for the egg hunt, but I'm leaning towards making one that he can use for years to come. Since I don't get to spend the full day with him, I do want to make it special for us.

While I love chocolate myself, I do try to limit how much Caelen has. So a large majority of his Easter gifts will be confectionary free. Colouring books, PlayDoh, crayons. A couple of chicks and bunnies, like the ones above, to add to his collection. I've put away some Easter and bunny themed books to leave at the end of his bed with an Easter egg, ready to collect on my next trip to town. And when he comes back that afternoon, I want to have a nice dinner ready, with something extra nice for dessert!

Lately, any little noise he hears around the house is the Easter Bunny. Caelen is convinced he's hiding in the house, with lots of chocolate, ready to be found. He really hasn't grasped the fact that the Easter Bunny only calls once a year, but it's providing so much entertainment when he drops everything to look for him.

Me, you ask? I want all of the chocolate. So, if anyone would like to drop a million hints on my behalf, be my guest!

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