World Poetry Day 2015

So, tardy to the party as ever, but today is World Poetry Day. 

I'll admit, I haven't read much poetry since I left school almost ten years ago. Even then, I was limited to whatever poets we were studying in English class. I did enjoy it, but I'd much prefer to pick up a regular book than a book of poetry. Which is a shame, as some poems are so beautifully written, I'm definitely missing out!

I used to dabble in writing the odd poem or two in school, but I'd rather not relive the time I wrote one for my maths teacher. I don't think I'll ever live that down! Lets just say the phrase "big is beautiful" was meant to be about our graphs.... Instead, I thought I'd share this little book of poetry that my grand uncle had published a few years back. 

Inked Hibiscus World Poetry Day

"A Tree of Tissues" is a collection of poems by Michael Callaghan, Mickey to family and friends. Mostly written for his wife and family, I laugh and cry my way through this little book. Dedicated to the memory of his wife Nellie, he was encouraged by his children to collect his favourite poems together to form this book.

Mickey writes with affection for his family, friends and wildlife. He pens with a firm faith in God, but can also produce a cursing poem that packs quite a sting. His poems of emigration ring true, as do his lighter, comedic, pieces. 

This one is my favourite, written for his fortieth wedding anniversary -

I tried to find a pretty box
To show how much I love you

But I could not find one made of silk
With the colours of the rainbow.

Nor could I find one made of gold
That had the scent of roses,

Nor one that sparkled like the stars
With the beauty of an emerald.

But in my heart there is a box
And for forty years you have filled it;
And if I live for forty more
You will find three words within in-
I love you.

And one he presented me with on my 18th birthday  - 

A journey through life,
Has many a bend,
And at times one may feel
They are lost.
But there isn't an atlas
That one can buy,
To guide them to the right path.
It is what you take with you
From the time that has passed,
That will help you
To find the sure way
So take your manner and grace
You have shown in the past
And you surely will not go astray.


  1. Wow. What a great keepsake. I can imagine how much it means to read it.

  2. Absolutely beautiful poems. :) I do love poetry :) x