Last Minute Craft // Easter Wreath

These days, I seem to be talking about crochet a lot around these parts. Honestly, I'm not a little old lady sitting in with her yarn on the daily. I just seem to have found my passion for it again, and it's hard not to share.
Two nights ago, I decided I didn't have enough (ANY!) Easter decorations. Save for some yarn wrapped branches in a vase, that we hung some glittery eggs from. And a crochet bunny on the mantlepiece, a single reminder of the mini army I crocheted for family and friends.
I'm forever planning on things for my own house and never seeing them through. This time was different. While watching The Walking Dead (tardy to the party yet again, but we're on season two and I love it!), I crocheted up some quick little flowers. Fiddling about between a couple of different patterns, I cobbled together that was quick, easy and could be reused for future crafting endeavours. If anyone is interested in this simple little pattern, let me know. I'd be only too willing to share!

After hooking up a million and one blossoms, I hit a hurdle. I had no base for my wreath. And being half eleven on a Saturday night, I had no chance of popping to a shop for one. Ever the opportunist, I repurposed a wonky old draft excluder that had been messing up our living room door. A simple snip to free it from the manky plastic covering, some tape to hold it together, and yet more yarn wrapping, turned this fit for the bin draft excluder into something a lot prettier.

Even if you don't crochet, or knit, this would be such a simple little project. It's easy to find little satin flowers in craft shops and discount stores. Even rolling up some leftover ribbon and securing with pins would do in a pinch. Or, if it was to be hung indoors instead, some sweet little flowers made from coloured tissue paper would look adorable!

It doesn't look like much. And in fact, it's not. The flowers are all held to the base with sewing pins, the ribbon is already fraying at the back. It was a rush job, but it was for me, and I finished it. I plan on making a more Summer inspired one for indoors, and the Autumn/Christmas ones I've thought up? I'm excited.


  1. this is super cute! i prefer decorations I've made rather than store bought ones!


  2. Thank you! It was so easy too! I'm trying to come up with more home decor-y type things to crochet next!


  3. It looks lovely! Another option for the flowers is felt roll up flowers, I used them to make a Christmas wreath a few years ago! I might actually make a nice summer wreath soon because I have some styrofoam wreaths sitting unused in my craft room and you've inspired me! x