Sketchy Business - "Hate" in the Blogosphere

Normally, I don't get involved in Twitter spats. Sure, I'll follow along if I'm online, but I usually won't make any judgements or assumptions. It's not my place. Sometimes, though, things are different. Sometimes, you have to take a stand. Sometimes, things are so sketchy it boggles your mind just a little. I've said sometimes a lot in the last few sentences. Here, have another one. Sometimes. When someone constantly pops up on Twitter, both directly and indirectly, you start to take notice. You notice the flaws in their stories. The way they're quick to block people who question them on said sketchy things.

I'm not a great blogger. I know that. Hell, I own it! I pride myself on my procrastination, my irregular posting and my subpar photography. I think it gives me an ~edge. I'm not writing this to gain followers. I'm not looking for internet fame. I'm writing this because I'm worried. There are a lot of people, new to blogging, who don't know the ins and outs. Hell, I've been blogging for years and I'm still only skimming the surface. If you're looking for in-depth knowledge, you're in the wrong place, darling.

Now, I'm not saying you should take whatever I say as a given. I'm just setting my side of the story - if there even is one - straight. If you follow me on Twitter, @inkedhibiscus FYI, you'll have seen a barrage of tweets about a certain individual. A girl who has apparently been handed opportunity after opportunity. A secret partner who is paying for her to be a full time blogger. She's set up a lot of online "businesses". A blogger company, to help new, aspiring bloggers gain followers, views event tickets and products to review. A blogger events company, setting up blogger holidays and events. Various blogs. A million Twitter handles. Photo plagiarising. Basically, this girl has her fingers in many, many pies. 

For someone who hasn't seen all of this unfold, you may consider me a "hater". My handful of blog readers, versus her "empire". You couldn't be more mistaken. Whatever pies she has her hands on, are rotten to the core. Some of her ideas, granted, are sound. But I don't think she has the ways and means of getting them off the ground. We all have pipe dreams and aspirations, but not all of us follow through on them unless we're fully committed. This girl seems to want it all, and will take any measures to get there. Half assed blog posts, even more half assed YouTube videos, ideas that never fully take off the ground. The worst part? She's taking people along for the ride. Asking people to hand over money every month for information they could find out with a simple Google, or by asking another blogger on Twitter. Hey, I've been there. They don't bite. The majority of bloggers I've interacted with have been completely lovely, and willing to share their knowledge when it comes to branding, SEO and the like.

Tonight, enough was enough. I spoke out. It wasn't my first time. When I asked some general questions on a post in a Facebook group we're both members of, the whole post was deleted. That was the first time I thought something was up. Maybe some of the things I said tonight went a little too far. I got caught up in the moment. But at the end of the day, if what I, and the other bloggers involved, reached people who had signed up for the holiday, or the blogger company, and saw how other people thought it was shady, it was a job well done. It might make them question things.

We've all been there. When I first started, I wanted to be the biggest blogger. The blogger to rule them all. But reality kicked in, and I realised that was impossible. I'll never take stunning photographs. I don't have a beautiful way with words, that make people want to come back again and again. And you know what, that's ok. I know I'm happy with my little space of the blogosphere. So if you've come here, after seeing it on Twitter, you'll know. I'm not a hater. I'm just misguided. I could have sent a simple email calling her out, and chose not to. That's my cross to bear.

I don't even know where I'm going with this, only that I needed to write. I'm still a little riled up. I just think that IF all the places for the blogger holiday are filled, those bloggers are in for a tough time. So, you know, just think smart. Over and out *drops mic* *awkward cough* *shuffles off stage*



  1. I have seen some of the stuff going on on Twitter and it concerns me. I don't know the logistics of it all, but I wouldn't be comfortable handing over any money for any trip (especially as large sum) to someone with no prove track record and no contract or anything to cover what would happen with that money. I'm 28 and like to hope that I have enough life experience to judge when things are risky, I fear that those who are younger and maybe haven't yet even lived away from home yet won't have that same sense and could end up handing over a lot of money (£1200!) to someone who won't deliver on their promises (and there will be little recourse if things don't go well as it's one thing to bring any legal claim against a company, another entirely to bring a claim against an individual who may be worth nothing).

  2. I agree with you, I thought there was something a little shady with this person in particular for a while. The things that she's done and said have always riled me up the wrong way but maybe I was just getting bad vibes? I think you've expressed yourself quite well in this and a blog post is a lot easier to express yourself on twitter. True, you could have sent her an email about it but would it have warned anyone else about the potential problems? Sometimes you are damned with either decision you could take but at least you are willing to talk about it :) I've not yet said anything properly because I can't be doing with the drama that seems to follow it so I've been complaining to to my sister instead! Maybe not the wisest course of action.

    Lauren :) x

  3. The whole situation is shady, I wouldn't have been able to keep quiet either! It's very sad what some people will resort to to get attention..

  4. You just had the guts to say what everyone else was thinking!
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams