Snippets // Sunny Days and Manual Settings

For the last few days, I've plucked up the courage to try to use the manual settings on my camera. For too long, I'd been relying on the automatic settings. In all the time I've had this camera, I've shied away from using it properly. 

Since Sunday, though, I've been trying. While they're not groundbreaking, or amazing quality, I'm proud of them. I bit the bullet, and tried my best. Sure, I was terrified that they would turn out all blurry and I'd be missing cute pictures from these lovely sunny days. 

Today was spent in the park, climbing and swinging and using the "big boy" slide. In other words, the slide in the 5-12 age section. That boy of mine is braver than I would be at his age. Seeing his little face light up with happiness makes me so thankful that winter is over. Days like today can happen more often now that the warmer weather is on the way.

Now that these photos of our little trip to the playground worked out relatively well, it's given me more confidence when it comes to taking photos. Where I'd usually have grabbed my phone, or used one of the presets on my camera, now I'll be confident enough to fiddle around with it before snapping away.

Has anyone any tips or tricks I could use the next time I bring the camera out and about?


  1. Well isn't your little boy adorable! That is brave using the manual settings, but you have done a great job! Those are photos you can cherish :) looks like a lovely day out xx


    1. Thank you! I was seriously so nervous, but they didn't work out too badly! I'll be more inclined to use the manual settings now that I know they're not out to kill me with confusion!