when plants become a metaphor

My mother used to tell me to start with plants. If I could keep a plant alive for an extended period of time, I could move on to getting a pet. If that pet stayed alive and well, then was the time to start considering children.

I used to scoff at this. I was never interested in children. Or plants for that matter, and what pet I wanted changed weekly. A dog. A cat. A gecko. Every week brought new ideas, and new animals, to the table. And for anyone that knows me, I did this completely backwards, having Caelen before a pet or plants. (No, I'm not counting the family dog.)

I was reminded of my mother's advice this week, when clearing up the back garden after the winter. Since there was no one going out there properly for months, it became a dumping ground. A broken chair. A cardboard box or two. A bag of cans, ready to be recycled. A tin container, with three dead, neglected herb plants.

Those herbs had taken pride of place on my kitchen windowsill only a few months earlier, a constant reminder of the first time I grew something successfully from seed. I nourished them, and maybe made one too many mojitos from the mint! Until one weekend I forgot to water them, and they died. 

While on the phone out at the back step a few weeks ago, I poured water from an overflowing empty plant pot into my deceased herbs. And thought no more of it. Until I was out there again this week, to see my mint has come back from the dead. Maybe it was the water, maybe it was magic, but this little mint plant is going to make me very happy this summer. It will offer up its leaves for many the delicious drink, I can tell you that.

But it also made me stop and think. For the last few months, I've been feeling down. A combination of bad weather, and things playing on my mind. Court dates looming, and being put off. Like I'm treading water, waiting for things to change. But now I know, like the mint plant, I can come back from this, and stronger.

It's funny how something so simple as a recovered plant can make you put your own life into perspective. So, in future, when giving Caelen advice, I'll take a leaf out of my mothers book. If you can keep a plant alive, or bring one back from the dead, you can do anything you set your mind to.

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  1. Such a cute and heart warming post, Collette :) x