Father's Day

Tomorrow is Father's Day. A day where we celebrate our father's and everything they have done for us. My own father has gone above and beyond, time and time again, for me. It's something I'm incredibly grateful for, and humbled by. While he may not be the best at expressing his love verbally, he shows his children how much he cares in other ways. Trying to fix things in my house. Giving two of my brothers car advice. He is a role model. Someone I am proud of. Someone I am glad my own son has got to know, and will learn from.

But tomorrow isn't just about the fathers. It's about the step-fathers, the boyfriends, the ones who are there for a child, that don't get a title. The ones who do so much, yet get so little recognition. Sometimes, a parent isn't made by nature. Sometimes, a parent gets to choose their child. Or, the other way around. Sometimes, there is nothing biologically linking two people, but love.
My son is lucky. While he has a biological father that he sees once a week, he also has a dad. A dad that has wiped the tears from his eyes when he's fallen over. A dad that has cuddled with him, sitting on the couch watching his favourite movie. A dad that has brought him his favourite treat, just to see him smile. A dad that has been there for him, over and over, for half his life. A dad that is proud of his achievements, as an almost three year old. We call him Tommie around these parts.

And sometimes, that love is purer than any. And it's beautiful. It happens so often too, and these men get no recognition for their devotion and time. They care so deeply about your child, that names and titles and reasons don't matter. While we don't call Tommie Caelen's dad, that's what he is. It would be foolish to try to downplay the bond those two have.
And so, tomorrow, in the midst of all the Father's Day cards and presents to fathers and godfathers and grandfathers, there will be one for Tommie. His dad.


  1. That's beautiful Colette - happy father's day to Tommie

  2. Hope he had a wonderful day. Such a lovely post.

  3. That's a lovely post Collette! Really touched me as my Dad, the role model, my hero is not biological Dad but that's never got in the way of our bond or his bond eith my son, his Grandson :)