Surprise! It's Not Your Birthday (Yet)

It's no secret that Caelen is my everything. I want to give him the best in life, no matter what. A couple of weeks ago, I started thinking about his birthday. The big three. I already know what will be happening for his party, but I was stumped on what to get him. I mean, what do you get for the boy who has everything?

The answer was simple. Put a whole lot of sweat and hard work into sectioning off some of the back garden to make him a playground! Since I'm in a rental house, I didn't want it to cost the earth, but I did want to make him a safe, fun environment. While Caelen's birthday isn't until August, once we had decided to do up the back for him, it was obvious he needed to get them at the beginning of the summer to get enough use out of them.

And after a couple of weeks, all our hard work paid off. The area we had sectioned off to use was dug up, stones glass and random crap removed and the ground levelled, before we laid down some weed prevention fabric and covered it with wood chip. Tommie and my brothers (with the help of my uncle at the final stretch) cobbled together a fence from some old pallets to match the one I had made last year.

The playhouse was Caelen's Easter present last year, and is now our local McDonalds/ ice cream parlour / tea shop. Considering the price, it was well worth the investment to see him still enjoying it last year. The slide is our present to him this year for his birthday.

The swing set was a very generous present from our next door neighbours. Seriously, I have the best neighbours ever. And the trampoline came from my aunt, after her own two smallies were done with it. He's also had the trampoline since last summer, but seriously, he loves it.

It's still not finished. Or as Pinterest-worthy as I'd like. The walls could do with plastering, and the fence could be fancier. Beyond the fence is still a jungle, to be tackled another day. But hey, it works. As long as Caelen enjoys it, and I know now that he'll have fun on those sunny summer days, when we don't want to leave the house, it makes it all worth it.

Happy early birthday, Caelen.


  1. Ah that's lovely Collette. You are a great mom and Caelen is one lucky little boy! 😊

  2. It looks lovely! It's such a good feeling to see how your projects turn out x
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex.co.uk

    1. thanks Vicki! It may seem like nothing to so many people, but it's made his whole summer, and that means the world to me! xx

  3. What a lucky little boy! I had a swing set like that as a kid and loved it!
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

    1. I'm jealous, I always wanted a swing set but we didn't have the room at home. And now I'm too heavy for these ones haha! xx