Thoughts I Had Watching "Jurassic World"

In no real particular order. Because lazy. And we watched it super late last night. And now its all jumbled together in my brain. I guess I should also say it contains spoilers, if you're more afraid of them than you are dinosaurs.

- How long do I have to wait before I see Chris Pratt?

- Should I have seen more than the first movie before watching this one? I don't like getting confused.

- Where's Chris Pratt? The only real reason I'm watching this.

- Seeing a dinosaur hatch from an egg means that no one learnt anything from their mistakes. But then that would mean there would only have been one movie I guess...

- That's a fine head of hair that young fella has.

- Is that other young fella Brooklyn Beckham? Not that I know what he looks like.... It is, isn't it? (It wasn't.)

- Chris Pratt is the raptor alpha? Ah, he could be my alpha any day.

- I don't like that army guy. He's too smarmy.

- I want a pet raptor after this. You know, once Chris Pratt came along to train it for me. And then hold me if I got scared. You better believe I'd be scared.

- Who's yer wan with the all white safari-esque suit? She looks familiar. Kind of.

- I want to go to a dinosaur petting zoo.

- Nick from New Girl, NICK FROM NEW GIRL! Not a fan of the face fuzz though.

- Creating new breeds of dinosaur. Because that sounds pure safe like. Little bit of this. Little bit of that. Doesn't sound like a disaster waiting to happen at all.

- Indominus Rex? That's a shite name for a dinosaur.

- He's got some super long arms. He didn't get them from the T Rex DNA, that's for sure. I wonder what else she's made out of?

- Damn. Dinosaurs are smarter than me.

- Obviously the guy with the gimpy leg will get eaten. Obviously.

- Is she actually wearing heels running through the jungle?

- "She's hunting for sport". I really thought it was going to come out that the Indominus Rex was going to be part human at this stage.

- Did that guy really just scamper off with a couple of margheritas?

- Someone get that dinosaur off of my future husband Chris Pratt!

- Someone tell that idiot man that dinosaurs have feelings. Don't pit them against one another.

- Telling a bunch of kids nothing will get in the van, means SOMETHING WILL GET IN THE VAN. Has no one ever seen a movie before? It's like a basic rule.

- They can communicate with each other??? (I was told this was in one of the other million Jurassic Park movies. It was pretty new information to me. I should probably watch them at some stage.)

- Wait a minute, the raptors are talking to the Indominus Rex? You know what that means?!? No more Alpha Pratt.

- So, there's loads of dinosaurs chasing you? Great time to stop and stare into a couple of tanks with snakes and stuff in them, yeah?

- Surely you'd hear a massive dinosaur before it was literally on top of you?




- Don't die now, T Rex!

- Well, that was a poor finale. Totally saw that one coming.

- Ugh, I don't want to watch the love story part. I came here for the dinosaurs after all.

- So, have the dinosaurs taken over again, roaming around the island? Where are the people? I'm smelling another movie....



  1. We saw this on holidays. It rained for a mere 14 hours on Monday so there was nothing else to do. Pik'n'mix candy for the boys and eye candy (Mr. Pratt) for mammy. happy out!

  2. AHAHAHAHAH this post gave me life XD I didn't watch the movie but got massively spoiled on it so I totally get what you're going through... I think a lot of people thought the same XD

    Helena's Teabreak