Three Things

1. It's no secret I love taking pictures of Caelen. Granted, my photos are less than stellar, but every now and then, I take one that I'm insanely happy with. Like this one for instance. Having a little helper while taking photos for this post, turned into a mini photoshoot with my little love. He's gone from someone who ran from the camera (just like his mama there), to asking me to take his photo. And look at the little poser, he makes my heart melt!

2. Today, in a moment of madness, I signed up for a new ladies soccer team. Apart from a brief stint last year where I wanted to take up running - and even tried it for a few weeks before giving up - , and a couple of 30 Day Shred efforts, I haven't done any exercise since primary school, back when I was eleven. I've been saying for a while I wanted to get fitter, and I'm hoping that by training with other people I'll stick with it. We have our first training session on Thursday evening, and I'm terrified already. Why did I think this was a good idea? Keep an eye on my Instagram and Snapchat (both "inkedhibiscus") to keep up with my terror!

3. I've been feeling quite content recently, which is probably the main reason I've felt like blogging again. I find that when I'm down, or stressed, I don't want to write, for fear of getting too personal. But sometimes, you have to take yourself aside, and push away those negative vibes. I've been feeling a lot more positive, reminding myself that what will happen, will happen. A scrub down of the whole house, rearranging the cupboards, and buying pretty blooms make everything seem brighter, even if the weather isn't cooperating. 


  1. I love the shot of those flowers, it's so pretty. I can definitely relate to having those feelings of being down and not wanting to blog, sometimes it's good just to take some time for yourself and then come back to it when you're feeling brighter again. Lovely post! - Tasha

    1. Thanks Tasha! The flowers are still going strong, an Aldi bargain haha! I do feel it's best to take little blogging breaks when you're not feeling it... That's the best thing about keeping it as a hobby!