Catch Up // Rose of Tralee Festival and more

Love it, hate it, never heard of it, the Rose of Tralee never fails to bring a crowd to this little town of mine. For those of you who haven't heard of the Rose of Tralee Festival, it's an international event that's a bit like a small scale beauty pageant, except the girls personalities are judged. Think Father Ted's "Lovely Girls", without the lovely bottoms. The woman who is crowned the Rose is chosen based on how "lovely and fair" she is, as in the song, and who the judges deem most likely to be the best ambassador for the festival and Ireland in the following year.

But for the rest of us, it's usually just an excuse to spend the weekend being drunk on the streets, at all hours of the day and night, while listening to music on stages set up around the town. So it can be a little messy, but it's also the only time of the year that the town shows any real sort of unity. Except for when we're gearing up for the All Ireland, but that's another story.

This year, was a little different for me, however. Firstly, we had Caelen's third birthday. That's a post in itself though! After a birthday BBQ in the house for all the family on the day of his birthday, we took him and his friends to an indoor play centre the following day. Lets just say we were a little exhausted after it all!

I also changed up my hair a little. Which involved the shop I normally buy my dye from being closed, and I panicked and ended up mixing together all the dye I had at home. Luckily, it came out somewhat bright!

The highlight of the Saturday evening of the Festival is a parade, filled with Roses on floats and marching bands, followed by a fireworks display. That little guy of mine was definitely a fan of both, he was completely mesmerised the whole evening. Also, excuse the strange face I'm making in the FIRST picture we have of us as a family. Caelen is quite heavy now, my back was clearly not up to the challenge. That's a smile of pain I tell you!

Over the course of the festival weekend, Tommie's grandfather passed away. Instead of Caelen going around the house searching for Tommie while he was with his family, we ended up taking a million and one selfies and having a fun hour or two to distract him.  Anything but watch another episode of that bloody Peppa Pig!

So, even though this was technically after the Rose of Tralee, I couldn't not include it in a catch up post. I mean, how cute is he? I got an order on my Inked Hibiscus Designs page to make a minion hat for a minion themed hen party, and couldn't resist trying it on Caelen. Needless to say, I've started on his very own minion hat now. It'll be so cute for when he starts school!


  1. Just visiting from www.makedoanddiy.com
    Your blog is lovely :) And your little boy is gorgeous :) Do you sell your crochet?

    Linda xx

    1. Hi Linda! Thanks for your comment :) I do sell my crochet, usually only to family and friends, but I have a Facebook page to take orders etc. You can search Inked Hibiscus Designs for more info. I hope you see this!