Realistic Resolutions

Every year, I set myself some pretty unrealistic goals. From travelling the world, to changing my face, and everything in between. WHAT DO YOU MEAN I NEED MONEY FOR THESE THINGS?
This year, I decided to keep my budget, and real life responsibilities, in mind.
♥ Learn how to do makeup good. I've just about managed to figure out the mystery of how false eyelashes were applied, now I just need to learn everything else. I'm seeing a lot of YouTube tutorials in my future. If you know of any amazing makeup gurus I should check out, let me know!
♥Travel. Somewhat. As much as I'd love to see the world, my bank balance doesn't agree. I'm thinking some Irish staycations will fit the bill nicely this year. I mean, who needs sunny beaches when you can enjoy ice cream in the pouring rain? I'd also really like to make travel special for Caelen. I mean, what parent doesn't want to show their children the world?
♥Read. I used to read, all the time. Like, I used to bring a book everywhere I went. On holidays, half of the contents of my suitcase were paper based. Now, all I seem to read is tweets. My brother gave me two books for Christmas, so I'm hoping to get stuck into them sometime soon. I think I need to start using Goodreads again. That's still a thing, right?
♥ Craft. Lately, I seem to have spent all of my time covered in yarn, hook in hand. I've set up a Facebook page for my crochet endeavours, so this year I'd like to help my little crafty biz grow. I want to make some headway on my Never Ending Blanket project, and crochet some more home decor. I really am the crazy crochet lady!
♥ Blog more. This is more of a lifetime goal, than a resolution. As much as I love blogging, there's not enough time in the day. I mean, how do some people manage to hold down a full time job, a social life, and a blog? I'm going to have to learn to carve some time out just for blogging!
♥ Learn some photography skills. To tie in with blogging, and travel, I want to spend some time finally getting to grips with photography. I've downloaded some guides, and have a special notebook needing to be dusted off. Silly as it sounds, I'm the kind of person that needs to have things written down to learn how to do things.
♥ Spend quality time with loved ones. While money is forever tight, with weddings, hen nights, birthdays and various other occasions, I want to start putting money aside for family days out. Pet farms, swimming, trips to the beach. It doesn't matter, once I'm showing the people I care about a good time.
Are your resolutions more realistic, or are you reaching for the stars this year?

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