Testing The Waters - Hello 2016!

Hello! Remember me? I used to post here, quite sporadically. Until I stopped posting on social media almost completely. For the last few weeks, I've been dipping my toes in, starting with Twitter and Instagram. Nice and gentle.
To be honest, my heart just wasn't in it. I was completely stressed, I had some personal things going on, and I decided that blogging was in no way a priority. I needed time, to think, to reevaluate. I wanted to spend precious time with the people I loved.
Inked Hibiscus Christmas mother and son
But, it's been a while. I've taken some time. Taken stock of what's been bothering me in life. Realised that what is meant to be, will be. And, well, I missed this little space of mine. It might not be much, it's definitely not life changing, or groundbreaking, but it's mine. I missed the blog chats, and the people I've met. I missed the excuse of buying stationary and other little bits "for the blog". I missed taking photos. My camera, which had been gathering dust on a shelf in the kitchen, has been dusted off.
I'm not entirely sure what direction I want the blog to go in, if any direction at all. Looking at other blogs now, they're polished and professional. That, unfortunately, just ain't my thing. What I can guarantee is many rambles, with the odd review, and maybe a travel post or two.
I'll end this post short and sweet, to ease myself back in. I'm making 2016 The Year of Blogging. Lets see how I get on!

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