Crochet has taken over...

My house.

My dreams.

My life.

inked hibiscus designs crochet blankets

I've allowed it to take over everything. All I seem to do these days is crochet. Orders, presents, or even things just for fun. I'm planning on attempting my first craft fair in December, and after that I want to take some time off. No more hooking, or getting tangled up in yarn on the daily. A month of no deadlines, or working until my wrists ache and my fingers give up.

inked hibiscus designs crochet blanket

I've missed things. Like not having deadlines. Or sitting down on needles or scissors. And actually watching TV, instead of just listening. And spending time with friends. And blogging. And just arsing around on Twitter.

inked hibiscus designs daisy dreamcatcher

Now, don't get me wrong, I love to crochet. I love that I am able to sell some of my little creations, and that I have extra money to spend on fun things to do with my smallie. I love seeing people (especially babies) enjoying what I've made.

inked hibiscus designs pokeball

But once December is over, I want to regain some of the time I once spent online. Where for the last couple of months I mostly just lurked, especially if there was any whiff of "blogger drama", now I want to get back into the swing of things. Here's to a New Years Resulution, a few months early!